Friday, October 10, 2008

An Introduction to SOVRN Creative

SOVRN Creative is one of the latest new shops to open their doors in the Treasure Valley. The company was founded by Brian Cottier, Philip McLain, and Joe Rice.

The three founders had previously worked together while at Wirestone. Joe and Brian had been with Wirestone since the beginning, and prior to that were among the earliest members of Mediaphex Production Company. Prior to his time at Wirestone, Phil had worked for Stoltz Marketing Group, as well as Creative Source.

From their website

SOVRN was founded with three basic principles. The first is to pursue business relationships that are healthy and honest, and that benefit all participants. The next is to ensure that each project succeeds through the application of our knowledge and expertise and the delivery of appropriate solutions for the intended audience. Finally, we want to work with organizations that have the courage to stand apart, and see the value in great creative and effective marketing.
In the first few months that their doors have been open, SORVN has already had an opportunity to work with a number of clients, including the Special Olympics World Winter Games and Z Factor Sports, among others.

The original announcement of their launch is available here. Having known all three of the founders for many years, I look forward to seeing great things from SOVRN Creative.

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