Sunday, May 06, 2007

New additions to the site

I've had a few new shops pop up on the radar lately, and thought I'd pass them along:

dna advertising consulting: dna is a three-person shop in Boise, and much to my amusement they even have a blog on their site. Now Adam, the key is to keep it updated (not that I'm in any position to speak about that lately).

Side Door Media: Side Door Media is a full-service media buying and planning shop in Boise.

W Design: Also in Boise, W Design is the business face of Kristy Weyhrich, formerly of Oliver Russell & Associates. No website as of yet to link to but she's promised to let me know as soon as it's up (and now you're really on the hook Kristy!)

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Tac Anderson said...

Just a side note about Side Door Media, they are the other half of Balihoo ( While side Door doesn't have a blog Balihoo does;