Monday, October 20, 2008

New Hire and Other Activity at Michell + Palmer

Mitchell + Palmer in Boise has quietly busy since opening their doors in April.

Among other things, they've done a little hiring: Hollis Welsh has joined the agency to "assist with project management, strategic research and development, copywriting, community and vendor relations, and account services support."

They've also moved their offices -- they're now in The Muse Building at 1317 W. Jefferson St.

On the client front, they're current client list includes the likes of Home Federal Bank, Pro-Team, SquareConnect and FameFifteen, among others.

Updated with correct URL for Home Federal.

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Anonymous said...

uhm...if that is the local "Home Federal Bank" the correct link is (fyi)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the new hire is the office do-it-all.

Brian said...

Boy, the one time I don't check my URLs before I post something...

Thanks for keeping me honest. Will be fixed momentarily.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome. When I followed the link I almost urped thinking that was the site redesign.