Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quiet Week for the Idaho Ad Agencies Blog

Yes folks, it's going to be a quiet week for the Idaho Ad Agencies blog. Brian is taking a "working vacation" in Oregon this week, so new posts could be few and far between.

We'll return to normal programming next week.

In the mean time, here's a few other sites that might tide you over:

Underdog Effect
Ad Age Small Agency Diary
Silicon Florist
American Copywriter

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Jeff Reynolds said...


Thanks for the mention -- must be a typo, you listed me first.

Take my advice: work on the vacation, not the other way around.


Rick Turoczy said...

Likewise, I really appreciate the link love. ;)

Where in Oregon? Let me know if I need to call out the Portvangelists for a little welcome or two.

Brian said...

Jeff - I appreciate the advice. We're definitely working on the vacation part more than anything.

Rick - We're outside of Eugene, in Lowell. Might make a day trip up to Portland to take the kids to the zoo, but that's a 'play it by ear' kind of thing at this point. I do appreciate the offer to call out the welcoming party though.

Oh, and Jeff - no typo.

Brain and Jeff sittin' in a tree... said...

Sheesh, get a room.

curt said...
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