Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Job Opening - Account Manager

Drake Cooper in Boise has an opening for an Account Manager.

Although the job description is trying a little too hard to be clever, it appears that they're looking for someone who is able to do a little bit of everything - from account management to strategy to making sense of all that is changing in the marketing and advertising world. Simple, huh?

Full details about the job can be found here.
(Courtesy of Craigslist)

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Anonymous said...

If you want "try too hard to be clever," go read some of Jessica Flynn's mulch at Red Sky's site. Holy crap, makes the DC job posting and Oliver Russell's releases seem modest....

Anonymous said...

Whatever - can't people be nice? If people want to be mean, don't do it on this message board. Show some class.

Miss Understood said...

Ok we'll make you a deal: don't be an asshat and we'll show some class.