Monday, March 12, 2007

This story too will get stale (eventually)

Yeah, I made the joke -- it was too easy. I couldn't help myself.

This River City Bagel ad is the still going strong around the blogosphere. First it was AdFreak. Then AdPulp. Now Adrants has picked it up.

Just for the hell of it, I may have to stop in their shop tomorrow morning and see how much shit they've gotten over the past week. With any luck they'll also fill me in on who originally designed the ad, although something tells me that silent7seven might be in the know. That "scan" looks an awful lot like original artwork, especially when compared to the finished version that ran in the Boise Weekly.

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1 comment:

silent7seven said...

I know nothing, but if you note the second comment down, I believe she would be able to tell more about it. My jaw just dropped when I saw that ad. I'm not easily offended... that didn't do it either. I was just impressed.