Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Okay, I'll bite.

I've seen a few of the "THINK BIG!" billboards around Boise recently. If you haven't seen them, they basically consist of the words "THINK BIG!" in bold, black capital letters on a yellow background.

Now, who are these for, you might ask? I don't know.

At first I thought it could be the University of Idaho, but their "No Fences" campaign is already in full swing, including billboards/outdoor.

Gold's Gym? They use yellow and black, but the font doesn't really match their previous work.

Any other guesses? Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

They're for Micron.

Anonymous said...

No, they're for Big O Tires.

Johnanthan said...

I think they just added the Big O logo under the THINK BIG recently ... maybe they finally figured out that it wasn't working at all! Terrible choice to begin with.

Anonymous said...

No, they're for Micron.

Anonymous said...

Well then they should take the BIG O Tire logo off the Micron Billboard ...